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Our Firm

For over 30 years The David Bell Law Firm has been representing clients from across Georgia in local, state and federal courts. The firm specializes in personal injury cases and certain areas of criminal defense.


The David Bell Law Firm: An Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm

Whether it is a civil case residing in local, state, or federal court, The David Bell Law Firm has the knowledge and background to work hard for all clients. Some of the areas of Personal Injury law where we have had significant success include (but are not limited to):

The David Bell Law Firm: An Experienced Criminal Defense Law Firm

When your rights are in jeopardy you need an attorney, who knows the law and the judicial process. The firm’s lead criminal defense attorney, David Bell, Jr., spent years working as a prosecutor and knows the ins and outs of the court room. His experience gives him a unique vantage point for understanding a client’s options when facing any criminal charge. Criminal charges are a serious matter. Hiring the right criminal defense attorney could be the difference between a lengthy jail sentence or a not guilty verdict. With years of experience the attorneys at the David Bell Law Firm can guide you through the criminal defense process to get you the best possible outcome. If you are facing any criminal charge contact us immediately.