Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse ​

Protect your loved one by asking the tough questions.

If you have a loved one being cared for in a nursing home or residential care facility and worry about some of the policies, procedures or level of care being provided, don’t wait to get an experienced nursing home attorney involved. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a rapidly growing problem. Facilities and institutions providing care to the elderly operate with a variety or rules and regulations that are supposed to protect the safety and well-being of every resident. But, if you think something is wrong or if a loved one has been injured, contact our office. We will guide you toward an understanding of your loved one’s rights as well as look into the care being received by your family member.

COVID 19 has shown us that significant problems exist with providing safe levels of care in nursing homes and residential care facilities. The death rate from the spread of the virus in group home and residential care institutions in the past year have been staggering. Some of the first COVID 19 cases were reported in nursing homes. And in every state, including Georgia, there have been unbelievable outbreaks of the virus among those who are most vulnerable. 

Our elderly often cannot protect themselves when there are serious declines in services at the facility that is entrusted with their care. Staff cuts often mean patient care suffers. The overall health and welfare on residents can rapidly decline. Bed sores, frequent falls, rapid weight loss are all signs that your loved one’s care might be declining. Trying to find the answer to these difficult developments can be very worrisome. That is where our experienced nursing home abuse attorneys can help.

If you suspect the care for a loved one or friend in a nursing home or residential care facility is causing serious changes in their health and well-being, call us.

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