The David Bell Law Firm has been at the center of many major headline and ground-breaking cases. The damage awards won for our clients have been in local, state and federal court. The experienced attorneys at the David Bell Law Firm have fought for victims and families suffering loss and injury resulting from plane crashes, trucking accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, car wrecks and more.

The attorneys at the David Bell Law Firm begin every case by focusing on the needs of the client. Following that simple rule has made all the difference in how we go about doing our job. We like to work hard, confront a challenge and use our experience to fight for our clients. We know the law and can help you find answers no matter how difficult the circumstances.

We are client oriented in every aspect of our work. We believe the following five steps create a great working relationship with every client. 

  1. We listen. Your case will begin with a meeting with one of our experienced attorneys.
  2. You will always know your options. Before any decision is made regarding your case there will be a full discussion of the choices you need to consider.
  3. There is no financial obligation for reviewing your case. We will tell you what we think about your case and let you decide if we can help.
  4. With the David Bell Law Firm, you will know where you stand. We always work with a written agreement with every client we represent.
  5. We clearly state our fees before you make your decision to allow us to represent you.

At the David Bell Law Firm every case goes through a multi-staged review before a strategy is developed. We understand the courts, the process of negotiation and have the experience to see our way forward with even the most complex of cases.

You want to win. We do as well.

Contact the David Bell Law Firm and let our experienced Augusta trial attorneys answer your questions.