Car Wreck Claims

Car Wreck Injuries

Injuries from car accidents happen every hour. 

Rear end collisions, fender benders, following too closely, failing to yield, driving too fast for conditions describe types of car accidents and crashes very familiar to most drivers.  In Georgia, car accidents cost lives and billions of dollars in injury and property loss each year.

Talk with an experienced injury lawyer before you settle.

If you are involved in any type of car accident and believe you have been injured, take the time to talk with an experienced injury attorney before you deal with the insurance company.

The simplest rear end-collision can cause major injuries.

Any car wreck can lead to serious long-term personal injuries.  Often people walk away from a car wreck feeling fine, only to realize weeks later that they have serious injuries. Insurance companies like to settle car wreck claims quickly. But agreeing to a fast settlement is often a major mistake. Talking with an experienced accident injury attorney before you settle will help you make the right decisions about your long-term interests. The David Bell Law Firm has decades of experience working with medical professionals, claims adjusters, repair companies, re-habilitation clinics, accident reconstruction specialists and investigators to help car wreck victims understand all of the options impacting financial recovery. 

 Our experienced attorneys can help.

Car wrecks that do not produce a great deal of damage to your car may result in serious injury. A car wreck does not have to be a violent head on crash or roll over to create life threatening injuries. It is not uncommon for serious head, neck and spine injuries to result from any type of collision. To understand your full options for financial recovery, consulting an experienced car wreck attorney immediately following an accident is important. To secure compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and injuries certain conditions must be met. Your long-term health and the financial needs of your family are too important to accept a quick settlement without seeing what an experienced injury attorney might recommend.

Don’t let important deadlines get past you.

If you are hurt and cannot come to our office in Augusta, GA we will meet with you at your home. To start the process of financial recovery for lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, or repairs to your vehicle, contact our office. Working with an experienced accident injury attorney will help put your mind at ease and improve the likelihood of a satisfactory settlement.

Contact the David Bell Law Firm immediately. We know how to get your case prepared. Let us work with the insurance companies to make sure you have all the opportunities for maximum recovery.

At the David Bell Law Firm there is no change for finding out if you can recover for the lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering or emotional distress experienced from any accident.

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