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Advice for Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney

December 21, 2018Published by

Finding yourself accused of any type of legal wrongdoing is stressful and places you at risk of facing far-reaching consequences. Regardless of whether you are accused of driving under the influence (DUI) or a white-collar crime, going to a hearing without your own legal representation puts you and your legal rights in jeopardy. If you or someone close to you is facing criminal charges, the criminal defense attorney you choose can affect your entire future. Before settling on a defense attorney, keep the following advice in mind to increase your chances of receiving the legal advice you need.

The Attorney’s Area of Expertise

Not every attorney has the same level of experience, and certain lawyers only concentrate on two or three fields. When you find an attorney you are interested in working with, find out how many years they have practiced criminal law. Remember, an attorney who boasts decades of experience practicing law may have focused on estate planning or tax preparation. Depending upon your situation or case, it might be in your best interest to retain an attorney whose few years in practice were spent providing criminal defense to local clients.

Is the Attorney Honest?

The attorney who represents you in a criminal case is often the only person standing between you and a permanent criminal record. Any person who holds that much power over your future must be a trustworthy person. During your initial consultation, pay attention to what your attorney says about your case and his or her chances of helping you achieve a favorable outcome. An honest attorney will warn you of the possibility of losing your case and provide you with a realistic outlook. Be wary of any attorney who only focuses on the positive while dismissing any of your concerns about an unfavorable ruling.


Meeting an honest and experienced attorney will do you no good if you cannot afford to retain his or her services. Determine what you can afford and be upfront about your budget when consulting attorneys. Seeing an attorney who you cannot afford to retain is a waste of your time, and depending on your situation, timing might be of utmost concern. Inquire about the attorney’s costs at your first consultation and find out what payment methods are acceptable. If you do not feel you can afford the rates, and payment options are not available, then be prepared to move on to the next defense attorney on your list.

The David Bell Firm

Facing any form of criminal charges is not something that you should do alone. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side can increase your chances of achieving the outcome you desire while preserving your future. The team at the David Bell Firm is prepared to provide you with the aggressive legal defense you deserve. David Bell Jr.’s past experience as a criminal prosecutor gives him unique insight that can help during your defense. If you are facing criminal charges, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation at our Augusta, Georgia office so that we can begin providing you with the legal representation that you deserve.

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