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Frequently Asked Questions

1Have you ever handled a case like mine?
No two cases are alike - each one is as unique as the client. However, we handle over 200 new cases each year. In our office, every client benefits from our years of experience handling all kinds of cases.
2What type of cases do you handle?
We represent individuals and small businesses in making claims and filing law suits. We handle cases involving: automobile and trucking collisions, construction, industrial and farming accidents, medical injuries, business and contract disputes, insurance coverage issues, legal malpractice and fraud.
3Do I have to pay for an initial consultation? Is there an initial consultation fee?
There is not a charge for an initial consultation with our office.
4Who will pay my medical (doctor) (hospital) bills?
If you are injured due to someone else’s fault, the other person is responsible for your medical bills. While your claim/lawsuit is in progress, we can help you determine whether there are other resources available to help with your medical bills (such as some types of automobile insurance, health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid) and we can help you mange the payment of your bills from those resources.
5What if I require future medical care after my case settles?
Any settlement will include money to pay for future medical bills. A settlement is a one-time event, so future medical care must be taken in to consideration before settlement. We will consult with experienced health care professionals to determine your need for future care and to maximize your recovery so that future medical bills are covered.
6How long will my case take?
There is no way to know how long a case will take. Most cases settle before a lawsuit is filed, and if a lawsuit is filed most cases will settle before a trial occurs. We treat every case as if it may ultimately go to trial - we invest the time and energy and do the hard work needed to make the case as strong as possible for settlement or for trial. Some factors that may influence the amount of time needed for a case include the complexity of the case, whether liability is disputed, whether a client is continuing with medical care and whether the client has a permanent disability.
7When can I expect to receive my settlement?
Again, a case may settle at any time, but no case will settle until the work on the case is done so that the value of the case can be determined.
8How much is my case worth?
Every case is different. Your case will gain value as the work is done to get your case ready for settlement or trial. The value of a case is proportional to the extent of the damages a client has suffered.
9Will my unpaid medical bills and expenses affect my credit score?
In cases where there are no sources (such as health insurance) to cover your medical bills up-front, we will do our best to negotiate with health care providers to delay collection efforts to help protect your credit.
10How will my medical bills get paid?
Unpaid medical bills will be paid out of any settlement you receive. We will help determine the amount of unpaid medical bills and we will make sure your health care providers are paid.
11After an at-fault driver hits my car, when can I get a rental car?
Depending on the circumstances, and insurance company (either the other driver’s or yours) may authorize a rental car. When you hire us, we will notify the insurance companies of our representation and work to get you a rental car as soon as possible.
12Why is my case taking so long?
Hard work takes time. Before we can present a case for settlement, we have to gather all of the evidence to make the case as strong as possible. Waiting for a client’s medical condition to stabilize and waiting for health care providers to send us medical records can take time. Also, when a lawsuit is filed there are certain time periods that have to run.